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About Us

About Us

Vision & Mission

As a private investment firm, our call is investing for impact. Our mission is to foster an investment ecosystem that produces profitable opportunities for investors and marketplace leaders who share a common vision


Strategic Areas

Asset Management. We invest our capital with skilled managers to create high risk-adjusted returns across asset classes.

Research & Development. We research, identify, and develop marketplace ideas, leaders, and ventures, investing our capital in the opportunities that have significant potential for impact.

Marketplace One Foundation. We seek to invest in our communities through the intentional giving of time, energy, and financial gifts.



Profit. Marketplace One understands profit to be essential for sustained economic development and transformative societal impact.

Calling. Marketplace One believes that all people are called to serve society with the talents they have been given.

Truth. Marketplace One understands that the world exists and that there are universal moral and natural laws that inform and shape our strategies.

Relationships. Marketplace One believes that people are created with inherent dignity and all communication, strategies, and outputs should align with this dignity.

Flourishing Social Spheres. Marketplace One understands that society is made of several interdependent spheres (i.e. family, government, business, science, education) and each must flourish for sustained economic development and transformative societal impact.

Leadership. Marketplace One believes that developing leaders is essential to seeing positive impact in society, and therefore seeks to identify, develop, and partner with leaders across various spheres of society.

Institutions. Marketplace One believes that establishing and shaping institutions across sectors is essential to seeing positive impact in society.

Narrative. Marketplace One measures success through real stories of impact through investments in businesses, relationships, and communities.

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